Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Crochet

Well, the weather is just plain crazy these days! Last week it was quite cool -- had the fire going several evenings in a row! This past weekend, though, the temperatures shot back up into the 80s -- nice but somewhat disorienting. 

With the cooler, crisp autumn breezes last week, I shifted my colorways to the traditional New England colors of gold, rust, oatmeal and russet. I also moved from the lighter-weight yarns to a combination of wool and acrylics. Above is another "giant" granny square afghan in the making -- and believe me, it felt good sitting on my lap when the sun began to sink behind the ridge of pines!

Just another fun shot taken spur of the moment -- I often like to take my photos and digitally alter them to obtain a vintage feel. This one has several overlays of texture and text. 

I'm thinking they would make awesome note cards to share with other crafters.  I know everyone is big into texting and FB, but there's something lovely about receiving a notecard in the mail from a good friend.

Here are a few more with a definite 'autumnal' feel:

Autumn brings happy crochet hours -- 'til next time. . . !

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