Sunday, October 12, 2014

Of Granny Squares and Mandalas

So my "Gargantuan Grannies" continue to grow . . . it's so bad now I'm soliciting family and friends: "Hey, would you like a hand-crocheted afghan?" Someday they'll start running when they see me coming. 

Oh dear, what's a woman to do, I ask? I need to break this river of granny squares and detour to something else. But why? I love making them. 

It's mindless. I get to play with beautiful colors and textures. And eventually, as the winter moves in, people will appreciate their snuggly afghans.  

I could pick up knitting again -- I have baskets of lovely yarns scattered throughout the house -- 

and I have tons of knitting needles -- steel, bamboo, circular, all sizes. But . . . then I'd have to do a test swatch. Ugh. I don't have the patience for that. I just want to pick up my hook and go.

This was a project I started last winter. I thought I'd do a cabled cowl with a neat button closure. But I put it down and now it's lost somewhere in the house. Oh, well.

So perhaps this afternoon I'll sift through my pile of magazines and try to come up with another crochet project -- mandalas?  Striped afghans?  Coaster and placemats?  

I think mandalas are pretty cool, so I went into my Photoshop and did a little manipulation of some of my flower shots.  Hmmm. . . this could be a new way to envision and plan my next project!
The incredible Wink's mandala

My kaleidoscope edition of a pink azalea
Another altered image of a purple petunia

This could be the start of a whole new world --  Happy crocheting!

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