Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye to 2015

December 29th. First snow -- finally. Really more a mix of snow and icy sleet but enough to coat the green grass still growing . . .

This time of year, on the crest of the new year, I feel a bit depressed . . . tired . . . longing for a kind of hibernation of my own. Darkness creeps in so quickly, like fog, all grey and dim.

I think that's why I'm posting these "petites broderies" (sounds so much better than small embroidery). Quiet stitching, slow stitching. Stitching that soothes, that's random, repetitive . . .

So under the glow of a fire burning, the silky threads pick up the flickering light. The hubbub of the holidays is finally drifting away. Quiet returns. And slowly, steadily the light begins to return.  Each second precious against the gloom of winter. 

And yet there is such a different beauty to winter that I only wish I could appreciate a bit more than I have been -- the fleeting seconds of a warm peach sunset as I drive home from work.  The silly dance of birds on snow hunting for scattered seeds.

Quiet stitching, slow stitching . . .

Wishing you a peace-filled
New Year's Day!

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