Saturday, October 3, 2015

Goodbye to summer

Vintage Summer Postcard (by moi!)
It's been sooooo long since I posted anything on my blog.  Summer just doesn't seem like the best time of year to spend on a computer posting pics, etc.  So on this rainy, cold day (48 degrees!), I'm sending out my vintage postcard as a "how did you spend your summer" posting!

While at the Cape I worked on my crocheted fabric coasters -- hard on the wrist, but worth the time and effort!  But I truly have to figure out an easier method.

 Before the heat had a chance to take hold, I finished off some of my "gargantuan granny" afghans -- there's always one or two in the making at any point in time. 

Then later when the heat finally did strike (over 90 degrees for almost two straight weeks), I switched to cotton yarns and tried my hand at mandalas -- some came out better than others, that's for sure. 

But now with the cooler weather moving in, my thoughts turn to heavier yarns -- isn't this just delicious?  Like a big wad of colorful cotton candy!  Not sure yet what I'll make -- maybe a big chunky pillow cover . . . ?

And how about these luscious yarns -- awesome jewel-like colors!  I think definitely a big floppy cowl to wrap up in when I take those long winter walks?
I hope to continue posting more frequently now that we're gravitating inside more often.  Later today I'll throw some logs on the fire, pour myself a glass of wine and read through my favorite crochet and knitting magazines for ideas. 

Ah, bliss!

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