Thursday, November 27, 2014

Holiday Crochet

Been working on these granny blankets (one huge granny square) -- love making them as they go fast and are quite mindless unless you're changing colors.  I'm thinking after the holidays of finding local charities to donate these granny afghans to. At work we'll be hosting a "Have a Heart: Crafting for Charity" event in February and hope to encourage more folks to do the same. Should be fun!

But right now I'm dealing with Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas holidays, so my mind is filled with little crafty ideas that are quick and cute -- here's one I worked on the other evening:

I have so much ribbony types of yarns from several years ago when I used to have a vendor booth at craft and quilt shows -- lots of glittery, silky types. So I pulled them out and began crocheting tiny circles and granny squares. They could either be tree ornaments or perhaps a bunting. I'll try to post more as I make them. 

The pattern for the circle is taken from Erika Knight's "Simple Crochet," as well as the little granny square. But as I move into the new year, I'd like to try something different. I like the projects that Lucy at Attic24 shares online, as well as her recipe for Artisan No-Knead Bread

As I wait for the guests to arrive later this afternoon, I might cruise through Pinterest -- but that's always a dangerous thing.  I might lose track of my timing for the turkey and trimmings!

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