Saturday, November 29, 2014

Crochet and Collage

I decided to take a detour and work on a blanket for me! After finding Lucy's CAL the other day, I decided to try her pattern -- mostly rows of double-crochet (US terms) alternating with rows of clusters. This pattern gives a lovely texture to the work, even though I'm using a slightly larger hook (I-9, 5.5mm) rather than what she recommends. I've been using the I-9 so long that I've become quite comfortable with it.  Moving to another size hook feels weird.  

It's been a quiet weekend so far; did some collages this afternoon -- bits and pieces of old watercolor and acrylic paintings, some scraps from monotypes, fabric bits from quilting.  I love to take these oddball pieces and work something up.  Here's 2 examples:

I have bags of these flotsam and jetsom remnants, as well as old textbooks.  The snippets of Italian come from a 1920 Learn Italian grammar book that is disintegrating.  

Sometimes as I work on these collages I find that my thinking about colors comes easier -- I think some of these colors will find their way into my Lucy of Attic24 blanket!  

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